Aid and Attendance Pension

What is the Aid and Attendance Pension?

This pension was specifically designed to help veterans and their spouses who require assistance with daily care needs (including bathing, getting dressed and medication management).

The VA Aid and Attendance Pension was established in 1952 to provide financial benefits outside the traditional VA residential system.

Assisted and supportive living services in a community – whether provided by a third party or staff at the community – qualify as part of this program.

Every month, thousands of eligible veterans and their spouses fail to take advantage of this program because they are simply unaware it exists.

How do I qualify?

The application process for the Aid and Attendance Pension takes time and requires thorough documentation, but we have information that may help you. In order to qualify, a veteran must have:

  • An honorable discharge from military service after serving at least 90 days of active duty, with at least one day served during a war-time period
  • A medical diagnosis requiring daily assistance with two or more activities of daily living
  • Insufficient monthly income to purchase the required care
  • Limited liquid assets (e.g., savings, CDs, etc.)

To learn more about the Aid and Attendance Pension and find out if you qualify, call Veterans Affairs at 1.800.827.1000.

What are the advantages?

  • Flexible – You select the care provider and services that best meet your needs
  • Reliable – Backed by the federal government, unlike company pensions, retirement funds and long-term care insurance
  • Tax Free – Does not qualify as taxable income

For more information about the Aid and Attendance Pension, speak with a VA representative. You may call Veterans Affairs at 1.800.827.1000 and ask for the veterans services office nearest you. A specialist will guide you through the process to determine if you’re eligible for the pension.